Reception as a frontline of the clinic:  we provide friendly and professional services for our honorable clients. Under scheduled arrangement, we would like to minimize clients and patients’ waiting time; meanwhile, the clinic is well furnished which allows us to offer a clean and comfortable waiting area for our clients.

A variety of pets’ nutritional, preventative and caring products are available at our reception area. Nurses will be more than happy to provide clients with explanations and suggestions with their professional knowledge. Shop sales ordering service is also available at our clinic.


Cats are not small dogs and thus “Cat Friendly” is sincerely considered at Ap Lei Chau Veterinary Clinic.

8 cat condos are provided in the practice cattery for inpatients facing the same direction in the ward to prevent inter-cat stresses from seeing other cats. Each compartment has two possible levels consisting of a cosy bedding, hiding place, separated feeding station and comfortable litter tray.  

In order to ensure our clinic is of ISFM Gold Standard, there are two types of cage sizes in the cattery which ensures feline patients will find pleasure in hospitalization.

  1. For ‘day patients’ (up to 24 hours stay), cages must have a minimum internal floor area of 3600 cm² (eg, 60 x 60cm) and a height of 55cm.
  2. For cats staying longer than 24 hours, cages must have minimum internal floor area of 6300 cm² (eg, 70 x 90cm) and a height of 55cm.


Cats and dogs are often found distracted, agitated and stressed when they are at the clinic especially with other species around. At ALCVC, we have a dedicated feline waiting area and examination room which allows us to separate cat and dog patients to minimize stress.


Hospitalization as one of the treatment plans in the veterinary industry may be unavoidable; however, it is always important to minimize stress for the patients in order to enhance the treatment quality. Together with our intensive care facilities as well as gentle TLC (time, love & care) from our professional medical team, we allow all patients to rest and recover as comfortably and relaxed as possible in a stress-free ward environment.

Separated Wards

Cats and dogs are often found distracted, agitated and stressed when other species are present. Our clinic provides separated wards for dogs, cats and patients in isolation so as to reduce anxiety as well as preventing the wide spread of infectious diseases.

Sick and injured patients are particularly vulnerable which require a peaceful and relaxing environment. Separated wards have the potential of making a huge difference in promoting recovery and also smoothening recuperation. Environment enrichment like providing patients’ own belongings such as feeding utilities, igloo and blankets are also recommended.

13 cages are provided in the practice kennel for inpatients with ranges of the size that are suitable for puppy Chihuahuas to 60kg Tibetan Mastiffs!


Infectious diseases in pets can be highly contagious. An isolation unit is a separate ward that allows nurses to look after patients without risking our other patients from infection.

Cages in isolation are designed to face away from each other which minimizes cross infections. A strict protocol of PPE (personal protective equipment, such as masks, gowns, gloves, and shoe covers) and separated medical instruments will also be applied in isolation.

Our isolation ward not only protects other animals from acquiring contagious diseases, but it also helps protect our staff and owners from contacting possible zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be contagious to humans).


We stock over 500 items – including medicines, traditional Chinese medicine, preventative health care products and prescription diets.

Having an on-site dispensary allows proper drugs to be collected post consultation with minimum inconvenience.

The health of our pets is very important to us as they are akin to our family members. Our staff are very willing to explain the use of medicines, demonstrate drugs administration as well as give advice on any of the required products.


Our in-house laboratory provides a variety of diagnostic tests. Most of the blood test results come up within minutes to enable rapid pre-anaesthetic examination and constant monitoring of our clients’ pets. We also conduct urine and faecal analysis. Simple cytology such as tissue cells, ear and blood smears can be examined under a multi-purpose microscope with a display monitor.

Diagnostic Room

Digital X-Ray ,Doppler Blood Pressure , GE Ultrasound ( Probes For Abdominal, Didicated Part & Cardiac )

This cutting-edge technology allows us to make better, more detailed x-rays in a shorter amount of time. This state-of-the-art technology not only makes us more efficient, but it is a much better diagnostic tool. 

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that enables the veterinarian to look into the body and obtain detailed information about different organ systems with amazing clarity.


Dental issues are common in both cats and dogs. The bacteria involved in infected gums (gingivitis) causes bad breath and, more importantly for the health of your pet, enters the bloodstream which leads to damage elsewhere, notably your pet’s kidneys and heart.

Our clinic offers a range of dental treatments from scaling and polishing to extractions.  Our veterinarians and nurses are happy to discuss with clients about how to keep their pets’ mouths healthy.


Pre-operative preparation room is an area nearby but separated from the operation theatre where we induce anaesthesia and prepare patients for operations. The purpose behind this is to minimize any risks of infection or contamination during surgery


We understand surgery is stressful for both our clients and their pets. We hope our clients will feel more comfortable after we provide them with extensive knowledge of our surgery setting.

This is the room in which ALCVC performs all our sterile surgical procedures. It is kept perfectly clean at all times, with minimal access by staff. All patients are prepared for surgery in our pre-operation room, with their fur clipped and the surgical site prepared with antiseptic solutions before moving into the surgery theater.

This is of the utmost importance as it reduces the amount of loose fur and the amount of bacteria in the air and on the surfaces.

With every procedure that involves anesthesia, each of our patients have the following parameters continuously monitored with a fully dedicated veterinary technician by its side at all times;

  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration
  • Core Temperature (patient warming systems)
  • SPO2
  • CO2
  • Blood pressure
  • EKG

We take many precautionary steps to ensure that our clients’ pets go through the safest and most painless procedure as possible.